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SARS Knowledge, Perceptions, and Behaviors: a Comparison between Finns and the Dutch during the SARS Outbreak in 2003

A.-M. Vartti; Anke Oenema; M. Schreck; Antti Uutela; O. de Zwart; Johannes Brug; Arja R. Aro;
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  • Published: 31 Jan 2009 Journal: International Journal of Behavioral Medicine, volume 16, issue 1 (issn: 1070-5503, eissn: 1532-7558, Copyright policy)
  • Publisher: Springer US
BACKGROUND: The SARS outbreak served to test both local and international outbreak management and risk communication practices. PURPOSE: The study compares SARS knowledge, perceptions, behaviors, and information between Finns and the Dutch during the SARS outbreak in 2003. METHOD: The participants of the study, who used a modified SARS Psychosocial Research Consortium survey, were drawn from Internet panels in Finland (n = 308) and the Netherlands (n = 373) in June 2003. Multiple logistic regression analyses were used to calculate odds ratios (with 95% confidence intervals) to compare Finns with the Dutch for various levels of perceptions and behaviors. RESULTS:...
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free text keywords: Article, SARS, Lay knowledge, Perception, Behavior, Information sources, Culture, Health psychology, Outbreak, Health education, Logistic regression, Medicine, business.industry, business, Environmental health, Risk assessment, Social psychology, Cross-cultural studies, Odds ratio, Psychosocial
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