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Influenza surveillance in Middle East, North, East and South Africa: Report of the 8th MENA Influenza Stakeholders Network

Abusrewil, Suleiman; Algeer, Abdulrahman; Aljifri, Alanoud; Al Slail, Fatima; Andrew, Melissa K.; Awad Tag Eldin, Mohamed; Al Awaidy, Salah; Ben Alaya, Nissaf; Ben Khelil, Jalila; Dbaibo, Ghassan; ...
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  • Published: 30 Jan 2019 Journal: Influenza and Other Respiratory Viruses, volume 13, issue 3, pages 298-304 (issn: 1750-2640, eissn: 1750-2659, Copyright policy)
  • Publisher: Wiley
  • Country: France
Abstract The Middle‐East and Africa Influenza Surveillance Network (MENA‐ISN), established in 2014, includes 15 countries at present. Country representatives presented their influenza surveillance programmes, vaccine coverage and influenza control actions achieved, and provided a list of country surveillance/control objectives for the upcoming 3 years. This report details the current situation of influenza surveillance and action plans to move forward in MENA‐ISN countries. Data were presented at the 8th MENA‐ISN meeting, organized by the Mérieux Foundation that was held on 10‐11 April 2018 in Cairo, Egypt. The meeting included MENA‐ISN representatives from 12 c...
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free text keywords: Public Health, Environmental and Occupational Health, Epidemiology, Pulmonary and Respiratory Medicine, Infectious Diseases, Non‐commissioned: Review, Expert Commentary, Meeting Report, influenza, MENA‐ISN, Middle East, North, East and South Africa, surveillance, vaccination coverage, [SDV.MP.BAC]Life Sciences [q-bio]/Microbiology and Parasitology/Bacteriology, [SDV.MP.VIR]Life Sciences [q-bio]/Microbiology and Parasitology/Virology, [SDV.MP.PAR]Life Sciences [q-bio]/Microbiology and Parasitology/Parasitology, [SDV.MHEP.CSC]Life Sciences [q-bio]/Human health and pathology/Cardiology and cardiovascular system, [SDV.MHEP.ME]Life Sciences [q-bio]/Human health and pathology/Emerging diseases, [SDV.MHEP.MI]Life Sciences [q-bio]/Human health and pathology/Infectious diseases, Vaccination, Population, education.field_of_study, education, Socioeconomics, Middle East, World health, North east, Vaccination coverage, Geography
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