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Publication . 2020

Information Quality Assessment for the Medical Wearable Devices: Validation Study

Rawhi Alrae; Manar AbuTalib; Qassim Nasir;
Open Access
Published: 17 Nov 2020
Publisher: IEEE

Wearable systems are promising Internet of Things (IoT) solutions that have attracted researchers’ attention in the last decade. They are getting more consideration after the COVID-19 pandemic. Information Quality (IQ) is essential for obtaining value from wearable IoT systems. In our earlier work, we proposed a complete framework that systemically developed a total IQ assessment of the IoT systems. The framework was initially validated by conducting a comparison study. Therefore, this paper aims to validate the utility of the earlier framework by using a single-case experiment. This experiment studies the use of the framework in defining IQ assessment for medical wearable IoT devices. The methodology of the experiment involves conducting literature surveys. This paper successfully uses wearable systems as a case to test the assessment processes of the IQ framework for the IoT systems. However, the case effectively indicates the importance of the framework pillars: the data quality dimensions and the IoT elements by assessing the medical wearables.

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