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Ebola Virus Neutralizing Antibodies Detectable in Survivors of theYambuku, Zaire Outbreak 40 Years after Infection

Anne W. Rimoin; Kai Lu; Matthew S. Bramble; Imke Steffen; Reena H. Doshi; Nicole A. Hoff; Patrick Mukadi; Bradly P. Nicholson; Vivian H. Alfonso; Gerrard Olinger; ...
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  • Published: 14 Dec 2017 Journal: The Journal of Infectious Diseases, volume 217, issue 2, pages 223-231 (issn: 0022-1899, eissn: 1537-6613, Copyright policy)
  • Publisher: Oxford University Press (OUP)
Duration of immunity against Ebola virus among survivors remains unclear. We assessed serological immune profiles and retention of Ebola virus neutralizing antibodies in 14 survivors of the 1976 Yambuku outbreak 40 years postinfection, providing the longest documentation of such measures reported.
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32 references, page 1 of 3
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