publication . Master thesis . 2022

Kontinentet uden kontekst - Et casestudie af mediebrugerens forståelse for vaccineudrulningen i Afrika syd for Sahara

Nielsen, Rasmus Stochflet; Jørgensen, Cecilie Uhre;
Open Access Danish
  • Published: 01 Jan 2022
  • Country: Denmark
It has been documented in many studies: The way the media presents the world we live in matters. It matters because the media has become an integrated institution in society with a great deal of power influencing the way society and individuals communicate. Because of that, the media also has the power to affect the way we understand specific problems, societies and challenges that other parts of the world face. Especially when it comes to understanding and engaging with countries faraway both mentally and physically.This paper will, through a case study focusing on the covid-19 situation in sub-Saharan Africa, examine how a selected group of respondents understand, interact and engage with the content concerning the covid-19 situation in the area.The research questions are as follows: What characterizes the Danish media coverage of the roll out of the covid-19 vaccination in sub-Saharan Africa on the four most read, online, Danish medias? And how is this constructive of the media users understanding and engaging in the problematics?The questions are sought to be answered through a combination of quantitative content analysis and qualitative focus group interviews. As a part of the focus group interviews the thesis uses Kim Schrøders multidimensional model as a method to structure the reception analysis. Theories about medialisation, the modern media consumer and media coverage of Africa and other faraway places has been included supplemented by earlier studies focusing on the Danish media coverage of the African continent to explain and substantiate the results of the analysis.The analysis demonstrates that the respondents' preconception of sub-Saharan Africa, which is characterized by a lack of knowledge from most of our respondents, is not very often challenged in the media coverage in the four selected medias. Preconceptions which are often dominated by a stereotypical mediated discourse about sub-Saharan Africa. The analysis indicates that it is not challenged because the four media do not spend the amount of resources it takes to contextualize the situation in a specific African country or the continent. This means that the respondents leave the reading with the same idea of the sub-Saharan Africa that they entered the reading with, which just reproduceses their preconceptions.
free text keywords: Afrika, Journalistik, Afrika Sub Sahara, Vaccineudrulning, Receptionsanalyse, Indholdsanalyse
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