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Building EGNSS capacitY On EU Neighbouring multimodal Domains.
Funder: European CommissionProject code: 641607 Call for proposal: H2020-Galileo-2014-1
Funded under: H2020 | CSA Overall Budget: 1,914,050 EURFunder Contribution: 1,914,050 EUR
Open Access mandate
Research data: No

The overall project concept consists of building capacity in the field of multi-modal applications, focussed mainly on aviation using EGNSS in different Eastern European and Mediterranean countries. These countries are located at boundaries of the EGNOS SOL coverage area with limited EGNSS experience; the projects will promote the development of multi-modal applications, building on the lessons learnt in previous European R&D activities. With relation to the call's objectives, the goal of BEYOND is threefold: - Promoting the use of EGNSS outside the EU in neighbouring countries and stimulating investments in EGNSS - Preparing these countries for an optimal adoption of EGNSS and thus contributing to the increase in knowledge of EGNSS outside the EU - Supporting networking between EU and non-EU players, from industry, institutions, research, academia, higher education and creating a basis for cooperation and business opportunities in EU neighbours; for aviation and other fields The project is intended to achieve a critical mass of new EGNSS applications, including multi-modal and aviation, providing crucial financial support and increasing the visibility of EGNSS in the different countries involved in the project. The BEYOND project represents an important asset in supporting the GSA in the implementation of EGNSS applications in the wider Europe.

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