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Other research product . Other ORP type . 2021

Multilingual comparable corpora of parliamentary debates ParlaMint 2.1

Toma? Erjavec; Maciej Ogrodniczuk; Petya Osenova; Nikola Ljube?i?; Kiril Simov; Vladislava Grigorova; Micha? Rudolf; +37 Authors
Published: 01 Jan 2021
Country: Italy
ParlaMint 2.1 is a multilingual set of 17 comparable corpora containing parliamentary debates mostly starting in 2015 and extending to mid-2020, with each corpus being about 20 million words in size. The sessions in the corpora are marked as belonging to the COVID-19 period (after November 1st 2019), or being "reference" (before that date). The corpora have extensive metadata, including aspects of the parliament; the speakers (name, gender, MP status, party affiliation, party coalition/opposition); are structured into time-stamped terms, sessions and meetings; with speeches being marked by the speaker and their role (e.g. chair, regular speaker). The speeches also contain marked-up transcriber comments, such as gaps in the transcription, interruptions, applause, etc. Note that some corpora have further information, e.g. the year of birth of the speakers, links to their Wikipedia articles, their membership in various committees, etc. The corpora are encoded according to the Parla-CLARIN TEI recommendation (, but have been validated against the compatible, but much stricter ParlaMint schemas. This entry contains the ParlaMint TEI-encoded corpora with the derived plain text version of the corpus along with TSV metadata on the speeches. Also included is the 2.0 release of the data and scripts available at the GitHub repository of the ParlaMint project. Note that there also exists the linguistically marked-up version of the corpus, which is available at

dibattiti parlamentari, covid-19, discorso politico, CLARIN, parlamenti, ParlaCLARIN

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Other ORP type . 2021
Providers: CNR ExploRA