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Other research product . 2020

Fremtiden for ungdomsboliger?

Mørch, Anna Lydia Struve;
Open Access
Published: 01 Jan 2020
Country: Denmark

This project report is written within a critical theoretic context for the subject Plan, Town and Process. It is researching the challenge surrounding students living in Copenhagen and the lack of affordable housing, through the perspective of the theory of the right to the city. The method used for this project is document analysis, which was chosen due to the current Covid-19 situation, and due to the wish to research the issue through the documents published by the actors themselves. The chosen theory is the right to the city which serves as the normative starting point for the critical theoretic approach. The right to the city is used as the way to view the documents through as to establish the students’ rights to Copenhagen. Through the chosen empirical data, I will highlight the different barriers which pose as obstacles in regards to building more affordable housing for students in the city.The first part of the analysis centers around the legislative aspects of the issue and includes The Danish Planning Act, the Municipal plan for Copenhagen 2019 and local plans for Kalvebod Brygge. These will be used to highlight relevant paragraphs that can be linked to the issue regarding the lack of affordable housing.The second part of the analysis centers around the right to the city and how the issues can be perceived through the theory. This part focuses on the normative view on how the students have a right to the city, and how that right functions in practice. The third part of the analysis centers around the different actors and what they see as barriers in regard to building more housing in Copenhagen. This is to understand what challenges they themselves point out, and how they talk into the theory of the right to the city. The discussion revolves around the student’s ability to gain or regain their right through the city, viewed from different perspectives. It explores what has to be done for the students right to the city to prevail. This chapter will also discuss the challenges in regard to this utopic idea of the right to the city. Lastly there will be a conclusion with the results of the analysis and discussion.

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