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Other research product . 2020

Young adults' conduct of everyday lives during the time of corona based on a critical psychological perspective

Aasholm, Clara Vaadde; Pedersen, Ida Brogaard; Sørensen, Nanna Søgård; Hviid, Emma;
Open Access
Published: 01 Jan 2020
Country: Denmark

In this paper we want to examine, how young adults conduct their lives during the time of corona based on a critical psychological perspective. On that behalf we want to examine their everyday lives grounded on the idea of historical dialectical materialism, which explores the dialectical relationship between the young adults and their environmental surroundings. In this context, we want to explore the everyday lives of the young adults based on their participation in their social practices such as with their family, friends, and at their school and work places. In this context, we found it theoretical interessant to investigate how young adults conduct their life, in relation to their possibilities of actions, emotions and self understanding during the time of corona and furthermore how these factors have affected their conduct of everyday life. In this regard, we found that the three young people we interviewed have experienced a shift during the time of corona, which have given rise to new ways of conducting their everyday lives and new ways to participate in their existing social practices. Moreover we found that all of the informers are strongly attached to their social aspects of their lives, where our three informers have experienced changes during the time of corona. The laws and restrictions established by the Danish Government furthermore influenced their social practices, in such a way that the young adults have restructured their participation as well as norms, routines and activities both in their social practices and in their everyday lives during the time of corona.


corona, coronavirus, kritisk psykologi, ungeliv, daglige livsførelse, coronatiden, unge

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