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Other research product . 2022

Fra coronakritik til systemkritik - en kamp for frihed: En undersøgelse af den coronakritiske bevægelse efter restriktionernes ophør

de la Torre Rasmussen, Caribay Alexandra Moreno; Sand, Mathilde Jessen; Lund, Arendse Malene; Petersen, Frederik Stybe; Andersen, Maiken Therese; Djurisic, Maria;
Open Access
Published: 01 Jan 2022
Publisher: Roskilde Universitet
Country: Denmark
This study investigates whether the so-called Covid-19 critical movement continues itsactivity after the end of the restrictions in Denmark, and if so, what the activity is anexpression of.Methodologically this study takes a phenomenologically inspired, qualitativeapproach. The study is based on digital and physical observations, and four semistructuredinterviews with members from the movement.The theoretical frame of this study is based on New Social Movement Theory byRonald Inglehart, coupled with perspectives from the research conducted by sociologistsAnders Ejrnæs and Silas Harrebye. Moreover, the study uses theories about populism byErnesto Laclau combined with Jan Werner Müllers concepts regarding antielitism andantipluralism.We conclude that the Covid-19 critical movement continues to exist, but in a new form.However, in the current state, the movement shows more system critical tendencies.Therefore the Covid-19 epidemic has functioned as a catalyst for the present broadendcritique. This critique concerns different topics which are not seemingly correlated, but endsup being connected in an equivalent chain that relates all topics to system critique and a ‘fightfor freedom’. Furthermore, the movement is built upon distinct ‘freedom values’ due to theinfluence of strong post materialistic values. The movement is also influenced by populisttendencies such as antagonism, antielitism and antipluralism. Some of the critique which isexpressed by the movement can be seen as a sign of democratic satisfaction. However, someof the critiques also indicate a democratic dissatisfaction.

corona, systemkritik, frihed, Konspirationsteori, modstand, nye sociale bevægelser, populisme

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