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Other research product . 2020

Pandemiens påvirkning af en digitaliseret folkeskole: Et projekt om læreres brug af digitale platforme i en hverdag præget af en pandemi

Dinesen, Julie Galsgaard; Hughes, Sophie; Hansen, Tina Gadekjær; Jensen, Folke Østergård;
Open Access
Published: 01 Jan 2020
Publisher: Roskilde Universitet
Country: Denmark

In this paper we examine how teachers in dansih public schools experienced the introduction ofthe digital learning- and communication platforms. Furthermore it shows the significance ofthese platforms, in the corporation of the teachers and the lectures they teach, before, under andafter Denmark experienced the nationwide COVID-19 lockdown. This is a qualitative study thatinvestigates how the digital platforms have influenced the teachers options for teaching due tothe lockdown.We analyze two narrative interviews with respectively one teacher teaching elementary school,and the other teaching middle- and high-school and their experiences during the pandemic withthe digital platforms. It shows the complexity of what happens when the teachers worklifesuddenly change, and the significance it has for their of understanding and their way of handlingnew learning processes. To understand this complexity the paper includes theories from FritzSchütze, Henning Salling Olesen, Hartmund Rosa and Knud Illeris.Moreover, in this paper we discuss what significance both the accelerating and alienating factorshave for the teachers, and their way of understanding themselves in relation to these processes.Furthermore we discuss what kind of learning processes are seen with the teachers. This isargued and supported by our selected theory.This paper concludes that the individual teachers each represent their own way of accessing thedigital platforms, however they do agree that the implementation of one platform, Aula, is notdesirable. The sudden changes in their work life demands certain alienating processes, whichpotentially will compromise their role as a teacher. In addition to this, the teachers experiencedifferent kinds of learning processes, in the form of experience and learning hindrance.


Folkeskole, digitalisering, Aula, MinUddannelse, digitale platforme, coronanedlukning, pandemi, akkomodativ læring, fremmedgørelse, acceleration

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