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Other research product . 2021

Developing Remote Onboarding of New Hires. Analyzing Needs for HR Consultancy Services for Kulmia Group Oy.

Nevalainen, Marianne;
Open Access
Published: 01 Jan 2021
Country: Finland

The world of work was not only temporarily shaken in the beginning of year 2020 by the COVID-19 pandemic, but rather rearranged the way no one probably had imagined before. The change towards work being remote-based in many organizations and even industries inspired this thesis, which was written within the Human Resources specialization. The overall purpose of this thesis was to study how companies’ remote onboarding of new hires could be developed further to provide the same possibilities as onsite onboarding. The goal was to find out, whether there were needs for related HR consultancy services that could be offered by the commissioning company Kulmia Group Oy. The thesis consists of a theory section and an empirical section. The theory section focused on the onboarding overall and included elements, such as, the process, the techniques and the legal requirements. Furthermore, assimilation and its elements, social integration and organizational commitment, were studied. Finally, the remote context regarding onboarding and assimilation was explored, and also onboarding’s connection to employee engagement was briefly introduced. The empirical section was completed after the theory section and it was carried out with qualitative interviews. Five Human Resources professionals were interviewed to obtain data of their companies’ remote and onsite onboarding processes to compare them and to identify general areas of development for remote onboarding. Finally, the data was analyzed with adapted dialogical thematization. The research showed, for example, that the difference between remote and onsite onboarding was not necessarily considered substantial and that most of the challenges existed within assimilation. Furthermore, a few areas of development for remote onboarding were identified and by paying more attention to them, organizations could develop their remote onboarding processes further. Based on the literature review and the findings of the research, recommendations to the commissioning company were produced, thus, it could be concluded that the need for HR consultancy services exists. The recommendations were directly connected to the areas of development and consisted of, for example, offering consultancy advice regarding monitoring of remote onboarding, promoting personality and behavioral assessments and helping clients in determining the overall approach to onboarding.


Human Resources Management, fi=Liiketalous, hallinto ja markkinointi|sv=Företagsekonomi, förvaltning och marknadsföring|en=Business Management, Administration and Marketing|, employees, remote work, Degree Programme in International Business

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