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  • Open Access Bulgarian
    Toma? Erjavec; Maciej Ogrodniczuk; Petya Osenova; Nikola Ljube?i?; Kiril Simov; Vladislava Grigorova; Micha? Rudolf; Andrej Pan?ur; Matyá? Kopp; Starkaður Barkarson; +34 more
    Publisher: CLARIN ERIC
    Country: Italy

    ParlaMint 2.1 is a multilingual set of 17 comparable corpora containing parliamentary debates mostly starting in 2015 and extending to mid-2020, with each corpus being about 20 million words in size. The sessions in the corpora are marked as belonging to the COVID-19 pe...

  • Open Access Bulgarian
    TRUJILLO SÁEZ, Fernando;
    Publisher: Publications Office of the European Union
    Country: Greece

    This technical report describes the educational response to COVID-19 in Spain during the 2020-2021 academic year, a Spanish version of the research results is included in the annex. The study focused on compulsory education and it was designed as a qualitative research ...