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  • Other research product . Other ORP type . 2021
    Open Access Danish
    Lyngdorf, Niels Erik Ruan; Bertel, Lykke Brogaard; Andersen, Thomas;
    Publisher: Aalborg University
    Country: Denmark

    Dagens podcast produceres som del af dissemineringen af undersøgelsen - Evaluering Af Digitalt Understøttet Læring På Aalborg Universitet I 2020 - Underviser- Og Studenterperspektiver På Universitetets Nedlukning Som Følge Af Covid-19, som blev foretaget i efteråret 202...

  • Open Access Danish
    Sundstein, Asbjørn; Heiredal, Theresa Thrue; Skovlod, Simone Nørgaard;
    Publisher: Roskilde Universitet
    Country: Denmark

    This project examines how the interaction between school and parents are influenced by digitalisation, and to which degree the socioeconomical status of the parents is a contributing factor. Furthermore, the project looks into the parents’ experience with emergency scho...