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  • Other research product . 2021
    Open Access English
    Weber, Tina; Adăscăliței, Dragoș; Allinger, Bernadette; Van Herreweghe, Dries; Gospodinova, Zlatka Ivanova; Bejakovic, Predrag; Antoniou, Loucas; Veverkova, Soña; Randrup, Anders Gogsig; Kadarik, Ingel; +19 more
    Publisher: Luxemburg European Foundation for the Improvement of Living and Working Conditions
    Country: Spain

    Per part del QUIT com a corresponsal d'Eurofound, la contribució a l'informe ha estat feta per l'Alejandro Godino. While unemployment is still a huge challenge in Europe, some countries, sectors and occupations are experiencing labour shortages. This report explores various approaches to identifying labour shortages and maps national policy debates around the issue. It documents public and social partner interventions to tackle labour shortages, such as measures fostering geographical or occupational mobility, addressing skills shortages and underinvestment in skills, improving working and employment conditions, and providing better matching procedures.