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  • Open Access French
    ZEGHNI, Sylvain;
    Publisher: HAL CCSD
    Country: France

    L' apparition du Covid-19 en tant qu'urgence sanitaire mondiale et la crise socio-économique qui en résulte mettent à l'épreuve les structures mondiales de coopération. Ces défis donnent naissance à de nouvelles formes et expressions de solidarité transnational.

  • Open Access English
    Blanquart, Corinne; Chen, Chia-Lin; de URENA, José Maria; Delaplace, Marie; Gastineau, Pascal; Koning, Martin; LIEDTKE, Gernot; Pagliara, Francesca; YOSHINO, Naoyuki;
    Publisher: T20 Saudia
    Country: France

    _; This proposal adopts a holistic approach to strategic transport investment by discussing the wider economic impacts (WEIs) analysis method in terms of several dominant and emerging methods. The WEIs analysis goes beyond the effects captured in a standard cost-benefit...