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  • PURE Aarhus University
  • Journal of Business Venturing Insights
  • Rural Digital Europe

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    Lucas Cone; Katja Brøgger; Mieke Berghmans; Mathias Decuypere; Annina Förschler; Emiliano Grimaldi; Sigrid Hartong; Thomas Hillman; Malin Ideland; Paolo Landri; +6 more
    Publisher: SAGE Publications

    With schools and universities closing across Europe, the Covid-19 lockdown left actors in the field of education battling with the unprecedented challenge of finding a meaningful way to keep the wheels of education turning online. The sudden need for digital solutions ...

  • Open Access English
    Katharina Scheidgen; Ali Aslan Gümüsay; Franziska Günzel-Jensen; Gorgi Krlev; Miriam Wolf;
    Countries: Denmark, Germany

    Abstract As physical distancing is a core measure of containing the spread of COVID-19, this pandemic is a crisis that has uprooted social interaction. While current research mainly focuses on crises as a challenge for entrepreneurial ventures and potential regulatory r...