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  • 2018-2022
  • Roskilde Universitetscenter's Digitale Arkiv
  • COVID-19
  • Rural Digital Europe

  • Open Access Danish
    Sundstein, Asbjørn; Heiredal, Theresa Thrue; Skovlod, Simone Nørgaard;
    Publisher: Roskilde Universitet
    Country: Denmark

    This project examines how the interaction between school and parents are influenced by digitalisation, and to which degree the socioeconomical status of the parents is a contributing factor. Furthermore, the project looks into the parents’ experience with emergency schooling during the COVID-19 pandemic and how they have handled the emergency schooling situation. The analysis is based on seven semi-structured interviews with parents who has a child enrolled in the Danish primary school. Through theory, primarily based on Maria Ørskov Akselvolls theory about ‘cooperation and strategies of involvement’, the project explains a new type of parental involvement, in which parents are demanded to be reachable all hours during the day in activities regarding their children’s school. Hereby an examination of how increased digitalisation has changed the communicative interaction between school and parents. The analysis shows how parent’s digital prerequisites are an important factor in supporting their children during the emergency schooling. Furthermore, the project aims to outline how parents are forced by underlying norms and expectations from the school, in addition to support the children academically. This is in accordance with the choice of scientific theory “critical realism”, which tries to uncover the non-observational structures and norms of society. These expectations and norms seem to have a great impact on the parental style, which can be categorized as ‘concerted cultivation’. Finally, the project discusses how an increased amount of digitalisation is affecting the parents and children – not only in a school related context but in general as well. The conclusion of the project is held up against an international perspective with a discussion of how emergency schooling during COVID-19 will affect the future constellation of the school system.