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  • French
    Chatellier, Vincent; Chaumet, Jean-Marc; POUCH, Thierry;
    Publisher: HAL CCSD
    Country: France

    International audience; The Covid-19 pandemic is a major global event. A reflection on the first implications of this sanitary crisis for the world agricultural economy and the animal sectors of three geographical areas is proposed in this article. The agri-food systems...

  • Open Access
    Marry Tracy Pawan; Juliana Langgat;
    Publisher: PENERBIT UMT

    For the event organiser, Sabah is one of the states that becomes a focal point. As Sabah is one of the most popular tourist destinations, several large events such as the Sabah Jazz Festival, Pesta Lepa-lepa, Pesta Kaamatan, Pesta Kalimaran, and other festivals have bee...

  • Open Access
    Arwa Alrawais; Fatemah Alharbi; Moteeb Almoteri; Sara A Aljwair; Sara SAljwair;
    Publisher: Academy and Industry Research Collaboration Center (AIRCC)

    The COVID-19 pandemic has swapped the world, causing enormous cases, which led to high mortality rates across the globe. Internet of Things (IoT) based social distancing techniques and many current and emerging technologies have contributed to the fight against the spre...

  • Authors: 
    jinlong yu; miao li;
    Publisher: SPIE

    With the popularization of the 5G (fifth generation), cloud computing and Internet of Things, China has developed an multi-dimensional and all-round smart tourism system, which has become China's development trend in tourism industry. Based on the background of post-pan...

  • Open Access English
    Naser Hossein Motlagh; Pupu Toivonen; Martha A. Zaidan; Eemil Lagerspetz; Ella Peltonen; Ekaterina Gilman; Petteri Nurmi; Sasu Tarkoma;
    Country: Finland

    Abstract Social distancing is a critical tool for mitigating disease transmission, particularly in crowded indoor spaces. In this paper, we contribute by assessing the feasibility of re-purposing existing infrastructure of occupancy monitoring sensors and environmental ...

  • Authors: 
    Nur Chasanah; Atien Priyanti;
    Publisher: IAARD Press

    The pandemic era of Covid-19 may affect decreasing willingness to pay people in Indonesia, especially for livestock products that consider high-income elastic such as beef, broiler meat, and eggs. A study was conducted to analyze price behaviour on livestock products be...

  • Authors: 
    Astrid Olejarz; Monika Faltusová; Justine Güldenpfennig; Václav Silovský; Miloš Ježek; Tomasz Podgórski;
    Publisher: ACM

    The COVID-19 lockdown limited human activity in certain areas of life, particularly travel and gathering indoors. Consequently, many people spent more time outdoors, penetrating natural areas and potentially putting pressure on wildlife. Increased interest in outdoor re...

  • Publication . Other literature type . Conference object . 2021
    Closed Access
    Mihaela Banek Zorica; Nikolaj Lazić; Jasmin Klindzic;
    Publisher: IATED
    Country: Croatia

    The impact of the pandemic on higher education has left its mark on all actors in the educational process. In the case of Croatia, pandemics combined with natural disasters i.e. strong earthquakes posed additional challenges to the educational process. The transition to...

  • Open Access
    Zanda Rubene; Linda Daniela; Arta Rūdolfa; Edīte Sarva; Velta Ļubkina;
    Publisher: University of Latvia

    2020 brought the world huge challenges in almost every field when the new COVID-19 virus began to spread rapidly. Digitalization made it possible to use innovative solutions to ensure access to various services, to continue working, and to learn from a distance, but it ...

  • Publication . Contribution for newspaper or weekly magazine . Conference object . 2021
    Open Access
    Thiusius Rajeeth Savarimuthu; Zhuoqi Cheng;
    Publisher: IEEE
    Country: Denmark

    Robots can protect healthcare workers from being infected by the COVID-19 and play a role in throat swab sampling operation. A critical requirement in this process is to maintain a constant force on the tissue for ensuring a safe and good sampling. In this study, we pre...